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Mask Making Update During the Covid 19 Virus  (May 2020)

Thank you to everyone for your huge efforts to make N-95 mask covers for our medical providers.  Over 1200 Mask Covers were distributed to health care providers at Valley Medical, Family Practice, JAMI, Pioneer’s Home, Glacier Pediatrics and  Bartlett Regional Hospital.


As the situation has progressed, the need is now more towards masks for the general community.  These types of masks require a different pattern and fit.

One of the current projects where we can provide some help is a request from Bartlett Hospital for 900 masks for both their staff and patients. The materials are all provided and the kits have already been cut for a “Super Simple” mask. Members that would like to join in this community project are requested to text: Martha Narino-Torres at 907-723-6485 and she will arrange delivery of a package of mask kits. The packages come as 25 mask kits all cut out and with ties included.

The Capital City Quilters (CCQ) Guild participates in a number of community service projects throughout the year as well as providing a biennial Capital City Quilt Show free for the community.

Blue Quilt
Comfort Quilts

CCQ has been making and donating comfort quilts throughout the community for years. Some of the organizations that have received these quilts include:

Red Cross

Haven House

Juneau Police Department

Juneau Fire Department

Victims of natural disasters

Juneau Housing First

Shrine of St. Therese

Many fundraisers in the community

Currently we are working for the Red Cross,  Cancer Connection, Family Promise, and Social Services for when a child is adopted.  We  also gave one to a little boy who ended up going for cancer treatments.

This is a guild project and needs many guild members to join in the fun.  The guild budgets for batting each year and the quilt tops are made by guild members, quilted by guild members and then have the binding sew on by members.  

For more information contact Judith Morley 586-4344

Pillowcases and Receiving Blankets for Aware

Capital City Quilters adopted Juneau’s AWARE shelter as their standing charity project. AWARE provides comprehensive intervention and prevention, outreach and education regarding domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.  AWARE, Inc, provides these services to Juneau and smaller communities in Southeast Alaska.

Guild members make pillowcases and receiving blankets to donate to the shelter. The blankets and pillowcases are delivered to AWARE monthly. Women and children receive a pillowcase (or receiving blanket) when they arrive, using it during their stay and then taking it with them when they leave.

Members can pick up free kits at meetings, or can use their own fabrics, to sew pillowcases and receiving blankets.Holiday themed pillow cases and receiving blankets made from member's own fabrics go into a drawing to receive a prize.

For more information contact Larisa Evoy at (813) 362-1058.

Screen Shot 2019-09-06 at 10.11.45
Unfinished Objects (UFO)

The Let’s Get Quilting UFO Project is sponsored by the Capital City Quilters Guild.  Basically, it’s a contract to help you commit to finishing some of those “Un-Finished Objects” that you may have tucked away in a closet, drawer or from your long lost Aunt Nellie who is long since gone and has left in your devoted care.  Sure…we all have something tucked away that is just waiting for completion…so here’s your opportunity.  The only one you’re competing against is yourself so you determine the amount you are willing to pay to complete this project.  Remember though, if you don’t complete it by September, then you owe the Guild the amount that you promised to pay.  If you do complete it, with a batting, binding and label then you’re a WINNER!  Congratulations! Not only did you complete your project, then you also are awarded an amazing prize by the following September Meeting. (The UFO program starts in January and forms can be found in the Members Only Section).

Contact Laura Kelly (Melissa Morgan)

Days for Girls

More information coming soon.

Contact Alex Shultz

Capital City Quilt Show 2022

The next Capital City Quilt Show will be held June 3-5, 2022.

Contact Raydene Garrison, Sandra Bleicher, Marcie Benvin, Dixie Alms

Protective Mask Covers for Medical Providers during Covid-19

During the late winter and early spring of 2020 the Covid 19 virus caused a shortage of N-95 medical masks. The CCQ provided cloth covers to go over these masks to extend their use. Over 1200 mask covers were made and distributed to Bartlet Regional Hospital, Valley Medical, Family Practice, Jami and Glacier Pediatrics.





The pattern and  instructions (click on buttons above) were made to fit over the N-95 masks.  (An instructional video was also provided through Raintree Quilting).

The pattern was made to use 1/4” flat elastic. However, our health care providers told us that they prefer masks with "ties" rather than elastic.  So, the pattern can be made using two 12-15” and two 15-18” lengths of twill tape, bias tape or grograin ribbon as ties. The longer ties are attached at the top of the mask.

Finished mask covers were dropped off curbside at the following locations (preceded by a call to these contacts):

Bartlett Regional Hospital : Gail Moorehead at  796-8912 , 209-1454, 
Valley Medical: 586-2434.

Family Practice:  789-2910.
Both Raintree Quilting and Joann’s were also drop-off sites.  Raintree 790-7900. Joann’s 790-2670

"Thank you so much for all the masks you have provided for the hospital.  I wanted to give you an update on how we are using your amazing masks.  We are having our staff that do not have direct patient contact wear them at all times around the hospital.  We also have started giving them to our Covid patients to wear when we are providing care for them since a major way the infection is passed is by droplets or airborne transmission.  This means is someone coughs, sneezes or is talking or laughing they could spread germs.  By having our patients wear a mask it is helping to reduce the risk to our staff by containing any droplets in the mask.  The spot of color makes them smile.  It will be important when they go home to have a mask to protect their families.  
Another part of keeping our healthcare workers safe is if they have to go out in public, we are asking them to make sure they are wearing a mask, so don’t be surprised if you are seeing your handiwork at the beach or going on a walk.  Community transmission is a serious risk that we all face and we want to stay healthy so we can care for Juneau.
This has been such an incredible gift from all of you, and I wanted to keep you up to date.  I have distributed 40 masks yesterday and are getting requests all day.  This will save our hospital masks for our nurses who need them when they are at the bedside."
Director of Education Services - Bartlett Regional Hospital (4/7/2020)


“Thanks so much to the Capital City Quilters. The masks are useful and beautiful!” (Photos of BRH staff)


One who sleeps under a quilt is comforted by love.