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Multicolored Spools of Thread


The next business meeting will be
10:30 am, Saturday, October 21, 2023.

Meetings ( usually held on the third Saturday of each month at Shepherd of the Valley Church)  

October 21  Meeting at 10:30am 

Geri Fudge will teach the sewing of Rope Bowls after the meeting.  Supplies needed include:  sewing machine with zigzag stitch, 90/14 Topstitch needle, thread, scissors, pins, & 100% cotton clothes line (about 3/16" - available at RainTree Quilting and Fred Meyer). 

November 18 Meeting at 10:30 am

Special Events

September 23-24  (11am-2pm AK time)   Global Quilt Connection- Sample Platter (free to all CCQ members - email was sent in early September with link to classes)  Classes will be available to view for 72 hours after the live event.

October 19: 6:30 pm: Zoom lecture with Nancy Fuka, 2024 Quilt Show Judge

When life gives you scraps, make a quilt.

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